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Terms and Conditions

1. Terms and conditions
The website (the “Website”) is available for the users according to these terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”).
The Website belongs to Vision Group S.p.A., with legal office in Via Ripamonti 44, 20141 – Milano (MI), VAT No. 02231920998 (hereinafter “Vision Group”).
By accessing and consulting the Website, the user accepts, without limitations or exception, the Terms and Conditions below specified, included the applicable provisions, recognizing that they are legally binding and specifically undertaking not to perform improper or illegal actions or anyway in violation of the applicable law and of the Terms and Conditions. In case the Terms and Conditions were not accepted, the user should not use the Website and should not download any document from it.
Vision Group does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the Website, particularly those regarding addresses and/or telephone numbers of the optician offices, exception made for what established by the laws protecting consumers, nor those provided in any other website whose link is provided on the Website.
Vision Group shall update periodically the Website, and it reserve the right to amend it, fully or partially, in any moment and without prior notice; the amendments shall be legally binding.

2. Users registration
Every user may register on the Website, by filling the relevant registration form with their data so as to obtain all the available services of the Website. In particular, it is possible to use the Website only for the following purposes, and only in accordance with the applicable law and with the Website rules: (i) analysing the Website, as well as downloading or printing its content, in accordance with the provisions of article 4 below; (ii) asking information; (iii) surfing on other websites through links provided by the Website; (iv) using other services (such as, for instance, the Newsletter and the “work with us” area) which may be provided. Using the Website for illegal o illicit purposes is forbidden. Registration on the Website of people under 18 years old is forbidden. The user warrants that the information provided for the registration is true, updated and correct, and undertakes to indicate any data amendment regarding the registration. Such communication shall be made by amending the account, or through the post or email address provided on the Website and/or in this Terms and Conditions.
Should Vision Group believe the information not to be true, or for any serious reason, it may deny access to the Website or suspend the user’s account.

3. Website use
The Website shall only be used for personal purposes and not for commercial ones.
Any commercial use is forbidden, as well as the reproduction or share of its content (texts, wallpaper, graphics), also partial, by informatics means or in any other way, as well as the amendment of any part of this Website.
The user undertakes not to share files which could possibly be infected by virus or even only from unsure source or possibly damaged, and they also undertake not to act in a way which could potentially damage or compromise the Website functioning.
Moreover, sending or sharing illegal material is forbidden, as well as any threatening, slanderous, libellous, obscene, scandalous, damaging, pornographic or blaspheme material, or which may create or push actions which may be considered as crimes, or which may imply civil liability, or which may violate anyhow third parties’ rights. Vision Group reserves the right to remove illegal contents. For any alert, kindly use the form provided in the “Contact” section.

4. Limitation of use of the Website and intellectual property
All information and content published on the Website (such as, for instance, texts, names, domain names, images, photos, audio registrations and documents) (hereinafter collectively the “Information”) are protected by IP law and, except contrary indication, they cannot be used, fully or partially, nor be copied, reproduced, transferred, published or distributed anyhow without the prior written consent of Vision Group. The user may download and print the Information for only personal use and not for commercial purposes. The user shall keep and reproduce all the communications regarding copyright or other intellectual property rights provided with the downloaded Information. In any case, the user may not share, amend, transfer, re-use, send or use the Information, included texts, images, audio or video files, as well as any software possibly available of the Website, for advertisement or commercial purposes without prior written authorisation by Vision Group.
Registered trademarks or any other distinction sign available on the Website belong to Vision Group or to their relevant owner (ie the producers) and cannot be used in any way or anyhow without prior written consent of Vision Group. In particular, any characteristic sign providing the trademark “Vision Group” may not be used as domain name or as a part of it, for third parties, without the prior written consent of Vision Group.
Any other use of the Website Information is forbidden by law and is anyhow a violation of the Terms and Conditions.
In case of violation of intellectual property right, the user is kindly required to send a warning to Vision Group using the form available in the “Contacts” section of the Website.

5. Further limitations
Third parties are only allowed to link the Website home page. The so-called “deep linking” is not allowed without prior written consent of Vision Group.
“Framing” the Website, fully or partially, is not allowed, nor can third parties use any other means, which may give users the impression that the Website can be linked to third parties. Furthermore, any inclusion of Website portions in third parties’ websites, not belonging to Vision Group, is forbidden.
Vision Group may amend this Terms and Conditions in any moment. The user is bound by such amendments and shall thus from time to time check this page so as to verify the content of the Terms and Conditions they are bound by.

6. Rights over information provided by the users
Any information, content or material sent to the Website shall always be considered non confidential, and the user shall grant Vision Group a free and non-exclusive licence of use, which shall be valid all over the world, so that Vision Group may use them for any purposes, included reproduction, revelation, as well as transformation, possibly to create pieces of work. Vision Group shall be free to use all ideas, concepts, know-how or technical competences provided in the said material for any purpose, included development, production and commercialization of products and/or services which may include the information or the mentioned contents. The user warrants holding Vision Group harmless from any claim, request, question proposed by third parties, concerning such material use.

7. Exclusion of liability, typos and errors.
Every news provided by the Website shall not be considered nor be used as official documents and/or statements released by Vision Group, but shall only be considered as orientate information, and thus, Vision Group does not grant their accuracy or completeness.
In any case, Vision Group shall do its best to publish precise and updated Information on the Website. However, no warranty is given that the use of Information does not imply a violation of third parties rights, nor that the said Information are errorless, exact, complete and updated. In no case shall Vision Group be held responsible for any negative consequence, damage or loss, coming from or connected to the use of the Website or of the Information.
Vision Group undertakes no liability for damages of any kind which may derive to third parties from using, even if under authorization, what is provided by the Website, even if Vision Group knew any errors or could have corrected them. Vision Group does not grant that the Website is free of viruses or other parts possibly damaging for the informatics systems.

8. Linked websites, third parties links and material
Linked websites are not controlled by Vision Group, that, for this reason, shall not be liable for the content of the linked website nor for the link address. The linked websites use their own independent practices and policies of data processing and collecting, which are fully referred to.
Link to external pages is under full responsibility of the user. Vision Group does not undertake any liability for the content of such websites nor for what is provided in their relevant privacy information sheets.
Vision Group shall not be held responsible for the supply of services and/or products as well as for the conclusion of agreements whatsoever among our Website users and third parties different from Vision Group. For any doubt, please contact us directly by email, at the Vision Group address.

9. Violation of terms and conditions
The user shall be immediately liable for any damage arising from the violation of these Terms and Conditions and undertakes to hold Vision Group harmless from any damage, cost and expense coming from such violation.

10. Severability of the Terms and Conditions clauses
Should any clause of the Terms and Conditions be deemed, for whatsoever reason, invalid or anyhow ineffective, such clause shall be considered severable from the others, and as a consequence, the clauses left shall remain valid and effective.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
The Website use is regulated by the applicable Italian law.
The Court of Milan shall be exclusively competent for the resolution of any possible dispute.