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vision is
our mission

The biggest
Italian network
of optical centers

A model
of excellence
with a european approach

The strength
in numbers

… the value of ideas



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About us

The biggest distribution network for Italian opticians

Based in Milan, Vision Group is the the biggest distribution network for Italian opticians. The group currently has more than 2.500 affiliated optical centers across Italy, run by over 2.000 business owners with different levels of affiliation, including VisionOttica, our national banner.


A complete system
for independent opticians

Vision Group uses an organizational system and a European vision to systematically offer its independent opticians new high-value-added services, with an extremely extensive presence across the country.

An integrated sales system, support for your business and profession, a complete portfolio of branded products and ongoing investments in communicating the VisionOttica brand are the cornerstones of our leadership and strategies for the coming years.

Commercial system

A series of activities to help improve the efficiency of the distribution chain, monitor and optimize costs, ensuring maximum profitability for the optical center.

Business support

A range of services aimed at supporting affiliates by optimizing costs and their businesses growth.

Professional support

A fundamental tool for developing our group by qualifying our internal human resources and those of our affiliated businesses.

Marketing Services

Marketing and communication tools that ensure the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the optical center.

National Brand


VisionOttica is the only Glocal brand in the optics sector. It allows independent optical centers to compete with big optical chains and offer the end customer the highest degree of professionalism, innovative services and quality products to ensure their visual healthcare.


A complete portfolio of products to increase the business

House & Exclusive Brands distributed exclusively to our optical centres.


A targeted response for every business requirement

We offer different levels of affiliation to provide services and opportunities that fulfill the needs of each individual business owner.

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