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VisionOttica is the only Glocal brand in the optics sector. It allows independent optical centers to compete with big optical chains and offer the end customer the highest degree of professionalism, innovative services and quality products to ensure their visual healthcare.

A brand that enhances the history and professionalism of the optical center

The brand has a strong identity and fulfills the needs of the local market, combining the national brand with the pre-existing name of the optical center or its owner, thus guaranteeing continuity of the professionalism, service and relationship with the customer.
The competitive context is the modern idea of proximity in which the business owner acts as the family’s trusted optician.

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SOS – Servizio Occhiali Sicuri

SOS, stands for Servizio Occhiali Sicuri [safe glasses service]: the exclusive after-sales support service which provides the customer with a warranty on the product purchased and special leisure time deals. A service available for children as well.

Communication campaigns

Optical centers also benefit from an annual communication campaign to promote their products and services. Campaigns are run in-store and through all national and local channels, both traditional (TV, press, radio, billboards) and digital (web, social media). The VisionOttica marketing team is always ready to support optical centers in running personalized campaigns based on their requirements, their customers and the characteristics of their local area.

VisionOttica branded products

A range of branded products and exclusive brands completes the offer, allowing the optical center to fulfill every customer’s requirements, while protecting the business owner from price wars and providing a fair profit margin.

And furthermore …

Coordinated image

A team of experts is available to support affiliates in setting up or modernizing their optical center, using corporate materials consistent with the national image.

VisionOttica CRM system

An exclusive centralized CRM system allows the optical center’s customer database to be used in planning direct marketing campaigns by text, email and standard mail.
It also allows to gain new customers through geo-localized campaigns for specific optical centers.

VisionOttica Quality System

UNI EN ISO 9001 – 13485 – Certified Customer Service.
This system provides the optical center with the right tools to effectively oversee all its sales processes and VisionOttica acts as a guarantor and direct spokesperson for consumers to ensure that these services are actually supplied.


Exclusive agreements with major suppliers, as well as partners outside the sector, provide an opportunity to engage in co-marketing initiatives on a variety of brands and categories.


The corporate website illustrates the world of VisionOttica, and its current initiatives, allowing users to find their closest optical center using the store locator. Furthermore, thanks to a dedicated platform, it is possible to create the information sheet of the optical center for present the activity, services and products on offer.

Social Channels

The official VisionOttica page on Facebook and Instagram, always updated on products, services, ongoing campaigns, curiosities, allows you to feed the social profiles of the optical center every day by sharing contents.

Optical Centers

Enhancing at best the optical layout

The layout reflects the glocal positioning of the banner, adapting to the features of the existing optical center. A team of experts is available to the business owner to update their premises for communicating the banner position and promoting professionalism and comprehensiveness of the offer thanks to the strategic positioning of educational contents on products and in the trial areas.

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